Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dalen's 8th Birthday

Birthday Boy
Dalen had a great birthday, and it was successful, he is another year older. We went to his soccer game where it was his turn to bring treats (it's all about the treats you know), then we went to El Matador for an early dinner. From there we went to a new store on 25Th street called Color Me Mine. It is a ceramics studio where you get to pick out the ceramic you want to paint, sit at a table with every color paint possible, and paint your choice. Then you leave your creation with them for 1 week where they glaze and fire it for you. We had a great time and even the Dad and Grandpa got in on the action! We had a blast and Dalen will always have his skull head to remember the day.
Painting at Color Me Mine
Working on our creations

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Non-Labor Day...

Our wonderful friend invited us to go to Flaming Gorge over Labor Day weekend. It was a well needed trip for Casey and I. Our schedules had been hectic so a little down time was just what the doctor had ordered. We got there Saturday morning and had an amazing breakfast on the boats (thanks for the recipe Kristi). The kids swam and paddled in the air raft. Then we rode to the other side of the Gorge to find a place to camp for the night.

Although the beach we picked was far from ideal, the kids had a blast playing in the mud. It was quite amusing though, watching people get stuck. It didn't help that the mud seemed to get deeper the drunker we got!!!

We went to the Parade of Lights in Lucern to watch Traci's dads boat compete for the best decorated. The kids loved it. There were boats with huge metal and light sculptures on them. There was one of Nemo and another with a U for the Utes.

When it was time to leave the kids were crushed. However there are preliminary plans to do it again next year, maybe just longer. Thanks guys for an unforgettable weekend. We love you!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

What were we thinking...

Here is a brilliant idea! On one of the busiest weeks of our lives, my friends Candice, Robyn, and I decide to attempt suicide by running. After spending countless hours getting our kids registered for school, dealing with PTA functions, Back-to-School nights, soccer, tumbling, and not to mention a sudden rush of work, we decide to run a 5K at Sugarhouse Park.

We spent Friday night in Salt Lake as to avoid a very early drive to the race. We however didn't know the area surrounding the hotel we chose to stay at. Needless to say, when there is a 16 yr old hooker checking in with her john at the same time you are waiting for your room keys, you're not at the Ritz Carlton. I will say they had a very decent continental breakfast. I think we could have slept in a cardboard box and still had fun though.
Just a piece of advice for those considering running a 5K, you may not want to stay up talking and giggling like school girls till 1:30 am and a healthy well balanced meal the night before rather than breakfast at Village Inn is also recommended. We also decided against hydrating ourselves and went with a stint in the hot tub and a Dr.Pepper right before bed!

At any rate we actually pulled it off quite well. Robyn and Candice came in at the 35 min mark and I came in at about 38. I am attributing my time deficit to PMS and cramps. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!! Next year I do think we should try a spa date instead ;-) Love ya guys!

Monday, July 27, 2009

He can finally do it!!!

Sunday was a lazy day for us. Dalen, however, can not sit still for anything so he went outside to play. Through our bedroom window, Casey and I could see him on his bike puttering from the backyard to the front. He didn't know how to ride his bike and didn't have any interest in learning so this was really strange for him. Since it was keeping him quiet and busy we just left him alone. Later in the evening Casey went out to finish doing his fireworks with him. Dalen grabbed his bike and said "watch Dad" and off he went. The little turkey had taught himself to ride his bike. We were so excited and proud of him. He has always been the cautious one so it was a very big deal that he did this all on his own!!!

Way to go Buddy!!!

Hiking Timpanogas...

Since the new school year is creeping a little quicker than we expected, a few moms and I decided we had better get the kids outside for a hike up to Timpanogas Cave. At 7:30am (to beat the heat) the 11 of us set off. Once we got to the canyon and bought our tour tickets we found a picnic bench and ate since we had a couple hours to wait. After some lunch we headed up the mountain. The older kids were way too cool to stay with us so they got as far ahead of us as possible. The little boys were too busy with their walking sticks to worry about anyone else. After a long trek (and a little whining) we made it to the cave. We had a chance to rest and get some pictures before the tour. Of course refueling with some snacks since we had mostly growing boys with us. Then it was cave time. The kids were excited and a little apprehensive at first. Our guide was great and answered all the kids questions without hesitation. It was so much fun and the kids had a blast. After the trek down we beat the afternoon heat with a stop by Dairy Queen. Thanks Peggy and Candice for the awesome afternoon. Can't wait to do it again soon.

The Hike Up!

The fearless leaders!

The pool inside the cave.