Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dalen's 8th Birthday

Birthday Boy
Dalen had a great birthday, and it was successful, he is another year older. We went to his soccer game where it was his turn to bring treats (it's all about the treats you know), then we went to El Matador for an early dinner. From there we went to a new store on 25Th street called Color Me Mine. It is a ceramics studio where you get to pick out the ceramic you want to paint, sit at a table with every color paint possible, and paint your choice. Then you leave your creation with them for 1 week where they glaze and fire it for you. We had a great time and even the Dad and Grandpa got in on the action! We had a blast and Dalen will always have his skull head to remember the day.
Painting at Color Me Mine
Working on our creations

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Ry and Xaine said...

Totally a cool idea for a Birthday event. Dig the Extra Large coffe cup you are working on Chan. All looks good with your fam.. :)

OMG, hearing Mali SCREAM Major Tootsie in my ear while looking at this.. I think I'm deaf............