Sunday, September 14, 2008

McKenna's new toy

So Casey and I always said we would never let our kids have their own computers in their rooms because we wouldn't be able to monitor their "surfing" as easily. So call me weak! McKenna's grandma Carol offered her old one to her and we couldn't refuse! She is not allowed Internet access in her room but it is rigged with all her favorite games, a typing teacher, and windows where she can write her stories for hours without tying up the family one. She loves the fact she and have her own background and screen saver. She can also listen to CD's and her MP3 player on it. Thank you Grandma Carol!!! You made this little girl a very happy camper!


Ry and Xaine said...

Right on. Xaine has his own for that same purpose. No internet accesss unless he is on my laptop. Hope she is enjoying :)

Shea said...

Very cool! She looks so grown up in this picture.

On a side note, what is in the cage on her desk? Snake?