Friday, January 2, 2009

Ringing in the New Year

New Years was great. This is my first attempt at using the video feature on my camera, it is short and dark, so hopefully I'll get better. We had a party at the Chavez household with a benefit concert to help with medical bills for the Poore family. They have had a really rough year, medically speaking, and we were hoping to help. It was a small framily party and we still managed to donate about $500 to their family. Casey's band "Hard Eight" and "Angel Street" both played. The kids had fun with the noise makers. All in all it was a very good start to 2009. Hope yours was a good one, too.

Kathy and Colleen mixing up the "bubbly"!

Kristi showing off her dance moves.
Me, Mary, Stacy, Kristi, and Traci and our usual girl pic.

The kids getting in on the fun!


mode36 said...

Scary music, but looks like fun anyway.  You know me, though, I'm still a DM fan to the core!

Happy new year!  Hope this one is great for you all!

Ry and Xaine said...

Happy New Year!!!! Looks like you brought in 09' with some good time fun. Wishing you and yours the best through this next year... As far as Tony still stuck on Depress Mode.. to each their own.. LOL... Miss ya much..