Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Party like a rock star...

So Saturday was our annual Halloween party. It was held at Steve and Ginnett's house in Clinton. I always love to see how creative our friends can be when it comes to dressing up. I thought Dalen's costume took the cake. How many 7 year olds do you know that want to dress up like the band Motley Crew for Halloween? Mine is a unique child. His outfit turned out great though, and if I'd let him wear it to school, he probably would. Casey and his band (still un-named) played and drew quite a crowd. We had great food like Gordons famous (at least with us) pork wings. Dalen's favorite were the mini hot dogs made to look like bloody fingers. Thank you Kristi, now my son can't eat just a normal hot dog ever again. Mike even carved a brain out of a watermelon. Ginnett went all out with her decorations. The room where the bands played was amazing. Then there was the costume contest. Dalen should have won but since the prize was not age appropriate, he was alright with it! Despite a few spills here and there (Kathy!!!) the night was a total blast and complete success. Here are some of the goofy pics of our "framily" in costume.

Kathy, Traci, Casey, and Kristi say cheese!
The un-named band...Troy, Casey, Darrin, and John.
Me and my HOT date!
Even Ozzy (Ken) made an appearance!


How it all began... said...

Great costumes! Your costume is bringing me back to the punk look in the eighties. I think you are giving away your age! Ha! Tell Dalin Motley Crew is making a comeback.

Shea said...

LOVE THE COSTUMES!!! You guys look great! Looks and sounds like a wonderful night! Happy Halloween!!