Friday, February 20, 2009

My beautiful baby girl...

Today is McKenna's 12th birthday. She wanted contacts for her birthday so yesterday I took her to the eye doctor. She was an instant pro at putting them in and taking them out. She also got a new bike from her Grandma and Grandpa. A mountain bike with all the gears a techie girl could need! Tomorrow she is going to her first cooking class since that is still her passion. I've never had a problem with my age or getting older but this birthday of hers is a little tougher for me than I expected. She even looked older this morning when she was getting ready for school (and I felt older!). So here are 12 things I love about my beautiful baby girl...

1. She is not a girly girl, but a perfect mix of tough and tender.
2. She is always happy and laid back, no drama.
3. She lights up a room with her smile.
4. She is always more concerned with others feeling over her own.
5. She has so many dreams and plans.
6. She is a great cook!
7. She is never worried about what other people think.
8. She could make friends with a rock!
9. She never sees the bad in people, only the good.
10. She will help anyone, anywhere, and anytime.
11. She is so nurturing and motherly to anyone who needs it.
12. She is my angel sent to make me a better person.

Happy Birthday Kenna, Sparky, Kenna Bear, Kenna Leigh, Ken, Sis, Baby Doll... :-)


Ry and Xaine said...

Holy Hell Chan.. 12... wow time really has flown by.. we are not that old to have kids almost in their teens are we????? ughhh.... not that she remembers me.. but HAPPY Birthday...

Shea said...

She is beautiful. I can't believe it..12 years old! Tell her Happy Birthday from us!!!

Dawn said...

Yall are very lucky parents and we are a very lucky Aunt & Uncle!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful Chan. Made me cry. You are a wonderful Mother.

Brianna E. said...

Wow- 12! My oldest will have her 11th bday in May (and she wants contacts, too!). That pic of her is beautiful. Happy bday to her, and happy bday to you a month ago!!