Monday, June 22, 2009

Dalen's turn to shine...

Yes, another blog about soccer. It is our life.

Dalen got to compete in his first soccer tournament with his AYSO team from this year. They changed their names from the Green Snakes to the Green Dragons to sound more intimidating. All their games were held in Hooper so it was nice to have them close by for a change. They played some hard teams but tried their best. Danny, their coach, was very proud of how well they played. Despite their best efforts they didn't win any of their games. You would never have known it by looking at them though. They had a blast and it was fun to watch them put all their hard practice in to good use. It was great to watch a team go out to just have fun and not worry so much about the winning.

Halftime huddle with Coach Danny

Dalen going for the block.

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Brianna E. said...

If I were playing a team named the Green Dragons, I'd seriously be scared to death!! :) I love when kids play soccer- they are so cute!