Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rock on...

Saturday was Casey's first "gig" with his band on an actual stage, at a venue where people have to pay to get in. They have played family parties before, but this was their first official hired "gig". They played at Lorin Farr Park along with the car show and MMA fights. Unfortunately it was sort of a bust but a good experience to get their feet wet. They are hoping this could lead them to some other "gig's". It was still just family and friends for the most part, but they sounded great. It was such a difference listening to them through professional sound equipment rather than in a basement or backyard. The show started with Angel Street, then Brewster Cogburn, then Shadow. They are all friends of ours so it was awesome to have them all on the same stage. The weather was wonderful and I was so proud of my hottie of a husband!

Angel Street

Daddy's little roadie

The "crowd"!


The Fam