Thursday, August 7, 2008


So a lesson to everyone with boys; they should be required, prior to birth or marriage, to take a first aid class. I keep well stocked in gauze pads because between the two of them, there is almost always a need for them. I have never had stitches or broken a bone so these two give me a run for my money! I now know I probably would have made a good nurse or paramedic. Maybe I missed my calling in life, but I am busy enough here apparently. This was Dalen's latest OOPS! He slipped off the edge of his step stool we keep in the bathroom and caught the only sharp piece with his heel. It took Kenna, Casey, and me to calm him down enough to get a wrap on it for the night. He rather enjoys the "limping" and "moaning" part of recovery.


Shea said...

OUCH! Poor kid...I agree about the whole First Aid Class! 8)
(Ok, I feel really lame..I just noticed that the title of your blog is OUCH..and I thought I was being origigal!)

I love reading your blogs.. I am glad that Ryan told me you had one!! We miss you guys.

Shea said...

Oh, and I can spell! ORIGINAL :)