Sunday, August 3, 2008

Park City Tournament

Kenna and friend Kyra before game 3.

McKenna's soccer team competed in the Park City Extreme Tournament this past week. The team played so well with Ali filling in as a guest player so we could substitute the girls out of the heat. They said it was 85 degrees but I would dispute that. It didn't feel any cooler up there than it was down here. We won our first game on Thursday 9-0 and lost the second one 0-4. Then we had one of the strangest soccer days we had ever had. We tied our first game 0-0 and our second one 1-1. After the other teams had played their final games, this left us in 3rd place out of 5. I think the girls did a beautiful job with Kenna scoring the only goal we scored on Friday. I was so excited for her I started crying. She was in the right place at the right time and made the shot! It was beautiful. She was really upset about an earlier mistake she had made that allowed USA 97' to score on us so she needed this goal to finish this tournament with her head held high. I am so proud of her. GO RAMPAGE!!!

The pre-game warm up.

Kenna playing midfield.

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